Change log

FEB 01 2022 -Update

  • Implementation and publishing of Power BI analytics api
  • Agency WIFI and automation
  • Android mobile app available on playstore.
  • PPPOE Mac binding.
  • Publishable Company terms and conditions and privacy policy,sales agreement
  • Voucher splitting
  • Bandwidth top ups
  • Invoice rollover with expiry and extensions
  • PPPOE reboot on payment
  • Customer discounts
  • Improved account changes
  • Selectable landing pages on station details.
  • Force expiry on some plans
  • Rearranged plan details.
  • Database clustering and fail-over for resilience

November 01 2021-Update

Implementation of Pull API to take care of transactions that do not hit Netpap callback.Important for companies with a large number of transactions per day for auto reconciliation..Deployed as a Netpap plugin.

Implementation of custom T & Cs,Privacy policy and sales agreement contract for ISPs to implement on their networks.Deployed as a Netpap Plugin.

Implementation of postpay fees.Charge your customers a standard service fee.A fraction of the subscription or a flat rate.Configurable.Deployed as a Netpap Plugin.

Implementation of customer disconnection and fallback for the mikrotik bug that replicates sessions and queues.

Resolved minor bugs during purchases

October 01 2021-Update

Mobile App Figma Representation

Parent accounts Processing for postpay customers,fixed broadband and calender based wifi Accounts.

September 04 2021-Update

1.FIXED BROADBAND:Support for static ip on DHCP powered customers and pppoe customers.

2.FIXED BROADBAND:Lead generation campaigns publishing interface for fixed customers.

3.WiFI BROADBAND: Award scheme for all customers on the network.

4.Fixed broadband:Resolved bugs during VPN creation

6:Unit economics reports & data consumption reports.

7.Track static ip,mac address for WiFi voucher/wifi calendar/uptime accounts

8.Squashed minor bugs while reconciling an incoming MPESA messages

9.Added support for Kopokopo Checkout API.

10.Added support for an Auto configuration server for mikrotik CPE for enterprise customers.

11.Added support for Enterprise CISCO routers-ASR 5000

12.Added general report for unallocated account

13.Messages Templates:Send transaction id to MPESA confirmation message on customer purchase

14.Filtering for post pay customer

15.Resolved minor bugs causing post pay customers expiry.

16.Prevent customer reselling your internet firewall rules.

17.Voucher deactivation capability.

18.Expand data on customer CPE for decision making e.g ip address given router,mac address