How to create a User

  • Navigate to the Administration Module
  • Select Security Setup
  • Click on USERS
  • Navigate and click on the ADD button
  • Fill in the users details and then SAVE

UsernameCustomer unique number identifier it can be
DHCP/VPN/PPPOE-A unique name defined by the admin.This is used to dial customer or receive payments via MPESA.
PasscodeThis is the pppoe passcode or vpn client password
PhoneThis is used to send notifications to the customer as a payment reminder for fixed broadband or receive network access credentials
EmailUsed to send email invoices for fixed broadband customers
FirstnameCustomer name-Update when customer uses C2B direct payment
other nameCustomer other name
townTown customer is located
id numberID number of the customer.Not mandatory.
roomRoom customer resides in
floorBuilding floor customer resides in
buildingBuilding name to uniquely identify the customer
mac_addressAutomatically added for hotspot customers
Mandatory for dhcp/static ip customers
device nameDevice customer logs in to wifi with
user typeWIFI-Wireless broadband
PPPOE-Fixed broadband dial up customers
DHCP-DHCP Customers
VPN-VPN Customers
plan_typePlan you would like to assign customer
Unnecessary for staff system users..
genderGender of the system user.
roleAssign customer role to restrict how much they can assess the system
referral byDeclare who referred the user to the network.Uses autocomplete
Due dateExtend customer to a specific expiry date.
last loginShow when a customer last logged in to netpap
is activeSuspend or activate customer
is leadshow if customer is a lead pending activation
device ownershipShow if device router and cpe ownership so that incase customer is deactivated devices are collected.
allow redirectControl which customers are shown the redirect page on account expiry.
is customer postpayShow if customer is post pay or not.
Post pay customers are not sent reminders
Ip addressSpecify Customer ip address
Ip poolIf selected customer will be assigned a static ip address

Add customer button

Suspended Users-View suspended users

Deleted users-List deleted users.

Refresh-Refresh the table.

Leads-List all the leads pending activation

Discovered macs-Useful for hotspot ip/mac binding.

Export-Export the current visible table.

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