CREATE SUPPLIER- Suppliers are created by adding business partners. you navigate to business partner module and add your business partner details as shown below

After creating a supplier you can now bill in the details in the bill details as illustrated below

How to Create a Bill

  • Navigate to the Account Payables Module
  • Select Bills and click on the ADD button
  • Fill in the Bill Details e.g Supplier, Supplier Invoice Reference, Bill Date and remarks of what the bill is about i.e A bill of web design from crams designs.
  • Fill in the Bill Items e.g Item Description as you had indicated above, Expense Account involved in the bill, Unit price, Quantity
  • Click on the SAVE button


How to pay a bill that has been posted in account payables.

under Account payables you move to AP PAYMENTS then click on PAYBILL to initiate your payment. the supplier details, your payment method ie cheque. invoice ref number. Als indicate where you paying from, ayment date and the amount. then initiate your payment.

By doing this you simply making payment for the bill you had posted earlier.. your supplier gets his cash.

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