How to activate Agency WiFI

Agency WiFi allows companies to sell digital wifi cards through a network of reseller shops.

1.Go to Administration -> Security Setup -> Update SystemResources.

Click Update resources to update your account.

Assign Permissions. #

1.Navigate to administration -> Security Setup -> Roles.

2.Select role to use for generating agency wifi and select assign permissions

3.Navigate to Networks tab and assign Agency batches and agency wifi vouchers.

Log out and then log in to refresh dashboard

Assign Agency plan discounts #

Navigate to Networks –> Plan Setup ->Plans

This allows you to sell vouchers in bulk to merchants or wifi agencies and allow discounts e.g 100 vouchers of a 1Gb plan worth Ksh20 per voucher would be worth Ksh 2000.If generated for the merchants at Ksh 2 FLAT RATE or 5% discount would be 1800 or 1900 respectively.The merchant can then sell it at the normal price for a profit.

Select and click edit plan you would like published for agency wifi.

Plan details.Slide – Use for Agency wifi – at the bottom left to activate.

Set the discount awarded to the agency/merchant.

Click save

Generate WIFI BATCHES. #

Navigate to Networks –>Agency –>Agency Batches

Select plan you would like to generate batches,and number of vouchers to be generated and the click save.

Enter phone number to complete payment or use paybill and account number to send the money.


The invoice can be found at Networks -> Payment Setup -> Invoices

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