How To Add A Station on Netpap

  1. Navigate to and click the Module Networks on the left menu.
  2. When it drops down click Network Setup
  3. Your will see a list of stations.
  4. Click Add button on the top part of the table.
  5. You will see station details.The details listed on the fields are required to add a new station.

*Name: This is the name where the pppoe server/dhcp server/hotspot is.e.g Karima Estate.

Ip Address:The public ip address the network is in regardless if station is behind NAT/private ip address scheme.

Nas Password:Please request for password from Netpap.Ideally this password was used in the mikrotik Radius client detail.

Lat:The latitude coordinate of the location.

Lon:The longitude coordinate of the location

Town:Is the town in which the network operates.

Domain Name:This is the domain name/DNS of the hotspot or company website for pppoe.

Description:A brief description of the networ station being setup

Click Save to commit changes.

Is Prepaid If you will be using HOTSPOT and offer prepaid vouchers.Please slide ON.

Hotspot redirect to:Please enter the address to which once customer has logged in successfully will be redirected to e.g or your website

FIXED IP Address: The router fixed IP address.

Router Username:The router api username

Router Password:The router api password

Click save.

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