How to create a Tunnel User on Netpap?

Requirements:Create A VPN Tunnel Plan

Description:At times your back haul provider does not assign you a publicly accessible.To go around that you can use Netpap Tunnels to access your router and access points.You will need two users A router user and your phone/laptop user.

  1. Navigate to Administration.
  2. Click security setup
  3. Click users and go to add a user.
  4. Enter username and passcode
  5. Enter phone number
  6. Enter town location
  7. Select plan type-VPN
  8. Select the vpn plan you created earlier.
  9. Select the client role.
  10. Select the initial exact expiry date
Netpap Tunnel
Ensure initial time is set

Click the username to view Network credentials in this case a static tunnel ip is created.

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