How to create wifi parent account and assign children?

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This tutorial has the assumption that you have deployed Network to the building with a core router as mikrotik. The mikrotik is then connected to access points to broadcast to all the tenants.

Step 1 .Create an account of either type PPPOE, DHCP/STATIC,WIFI Account and specify an expiry account.

Step 2.Navigate to Add WiFi details in WiFi broadband ->WiFi/top ups menu->Click Add

Step 3:Select second Tab i.e Wifi Details with Parent

Step 4: Download Sample csv,open it with Excel processor and populate it with tenant details.Make sure you follow the sample csv format otherwise upload may misbehave.

Step 5.Select the patron/parent account.

Step 6:Select the plan that each child will assigned perpetually.

Step 7: Go to browser and select the edited file with children accounts.

Step 8.Click submit.Each child will be sent an SMS with the WiFI credentials.

Children Account Management #

To view children account select top ups.Alternatively, Go to

Administration -> Security Setup -> Users

A list of all patrons/parent account.

Click the icon on the fullname and a display of all the children under a parent.

You can unlink a child from parent through this panel.

Things to Note:

  • Only the parent account is sent an invoice.
  • During payment,payments are made to the parent account.
  • When payment has been received child account are extended according to payment plan.

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