How to Setup an Hotspot with Netpap and Mikrotik

Step 1 .Create a bridge.

Go to bridge on the left menu panel.Click Add new or plus button and assign a unique recognizable name.

Step 2. Assign IP Addresses to the bridge created

Step 3:Create Hotspot with the Hotspot Wizard.

Go to IP -> Hotspot -> Click the Hotspot Setup button as indicated below

Hotspot interface:Select from drop down the bridge we had created earlier.

Local Address of Network: This will be auto filled if you had assigned addresses to the bridge.Ensure masquerade is enabled.

Address pool of network-Edit to show allowable IP addresses.

Select certificate.From the drop down select None.

IP Address of SMTP Server.Leave as default and click Next.

DNS Servers:Use any dns server of your choice. e.g

DNS Name:Enter a custom domain to be used to login to wifi e.g, etc.

Name of local hotspot user-Leave default.Don’t forget to delete this hotspot user in users tab after completing successfully

Step 4:Fine tune hotspot settings for our use case.

a)Click the server tab and navigate to the created server settings as below.

Edit name to your hotspot name,

Select idle timeout to a larger number e.g 8 hours.

Addresses per MAC set to 1

For more nuanced configurations please see mikrotik documentation.

b) Hotspot server profile.


1.Go to IP->HOTSPOT ->Walled garden IP list

Click Add New.

Add dst host:

To add a LIVE CHAT SUPPORT from to a wireless Hotspot

Click add New

Add dst host:

Add standardmedia RSS Feed on the hotspot page.

This feature allows positive engagements and interactions before purchases and add hotspot utility.e.g

Add Walled garden rule for standardmedia.Please note NOT IP WALLED GARDEN IP LIST rather WALLED GARDEN.




Navigate to IP -> POOL.

Rename the hotspot setup/server ip pool to the name assigned at the NETPAP PLAN SETUP IP POOL.This two should match with the router and what is on netpap

Mikrotik ip pool name and plan address pool must match.


ClIck Add New.

Tick Service:Hotspot.

Add remote address .This will be provided by netpap.

Secret:This secret will be provided by netpap

timeout set to be 3000 ms from 300ms

Connect physical interfaces to the hotspot Bridge #

Navigate to bridge on the left menu panel.

Go to the second tab-ports

i.e Bridge -> ports

Select one of the interfaces e,g eth 3.Click the interface and from the drop down select the hotspot bridge.

Select the bridge where access point may be connected to.
Configure mikrotik hotspot and link to Netpap/
Select bridge hotspot from the drop down.

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