How to upload Hotspot files to Mikrotik with Filezilla on Netpap

  1. Open filezilla on your P.C
  2. Make sure you can ping the router gateway or can access it via browser.
  3. Additionally make sure under /IP >services FTP server is enable.Note the port.
  4. On the filezilla go to Host and enter the router gateway e.g
  5. Enter the username of the router admin
  6. Enter the password of the router
  7. Enter the port the Mikrotik FTP Server is listening to e.g 21 ,or custom port e.g 2021
  8. Click connect.
  9. Once connected
  10. Click the file on the left section and drop it to the right section e.g Hotspot files may be under /hotspot or /flash/hotspot.Note.You might need to click folder at the remote site to display contents and allow display for dropping.Note also its best to drag and drop on the files listed than dropping on a folder.

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