Netpap’s Frequently Asked Questions

What is Netpap?

Netpap is a cloud based network management and billing system for hotspots and Internet service providers.

Is Netpap an Internet provider?

No,Netpap does not sell internet?However we can refer you to our capable partners anywhere in the country.

What are the requirements to manage my Network/Hotspot?

  • Mikrotik core router,
  • A paybill account/Till number with M-PESA APIs
  • A netpap Account/License

How do I onboard/Integrate M-PESA?

With our enduring partnership with Extra-Dimension as paybill/till number registration partner.Contact us to fast track paybill & API .

If you

How much does Netpap Cost?

Our billing is in Kenyan shillings and exclusive of any Taxes

Lifetime license10,000
Hotspot recurrent charge5% per transaction i.e for every Ksh 20 we will invoice you Ksh 1
Netpap TunnelsKsh 338 per credential
Netpap Logging serverKsh 200 per month-7 days retention

Can I host Netpap On My Server?

No.Netpap is a software as a service application.We invest in the technology while our partners invest in Network scaling and health.We do not share customer data unless to a legal constitutional body with a court order.

Can I have multiple stations in one Dashboard?

Yes,You can register as many dashboard/networks in one dashboard at no extra cost

What else can Netpap assist me?

Netpap can assist centralize logging and issue detection for suitable escalation with company personnel.

I dont have a public Ip Address,how do i manage my Network.

Netpap can control multiple Networks behind NAT.I.E Within a private Network.Additionally, Netpap creates tunnels to your network such that you can access and manage the network devices while anywhere in the world securely.

How do I integrate Netpap with Unms?

Contact us for assistance and next steps.

What can’t Netpap do?

Issue passports

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