Group customers according to packages based on prices and network access policies.

Plan typeThis allows grouping customers in well defined PACKAGE SUBSCRIPTIONS
1.Plan type
NameAssign a package name.The name could either be HOME, 1GB, 24Hr Unlimited etc..
ExpirationDeclare customer expiration limits. e.g 1 month,1 hour etc.Use expiration and expiration type to add expiration.
Data capSet how much data can be downloaded=upload+download
StationStation for which this plan belongs to
devicesNumber of simultaneous connections that a subscription credentials can use. eg If you set two only 2 routers can use broadband or 2 devices can connect to wifi.
amountThe price of a subscription
speedSpeed of a subscription i.e 3M/3M, 1M/1M, 1500k/1500k.Does not accept decimal use k instead
module_typeThis is always NETPAP
address_listAssign each subscription an address list-Used for fine grained firewall
manipulation,nat,mangle and routing.
plan_codeAuto generated plan identity
calender_basedPlan policy that dictates how customers are billed i.e System starts counting expiry from date of successful purchase.All fixed broadband plans are calender based.
activate_on_loginSystem starts counting time on the day customer logged in.It is used for vouchers.
uptime basedAccount based.Customer account is incremental/accumulated time.
ie.if customer purchases 1 hour that expires after 24 hours.
Customer can use account in bits till the 24 hour lapses or cumulative 1 hour is exhausted.Please make sure you set the uptime exact expiration period for uptime.
Date time expireUsed to set limit for uptime based forced expiration.
time packagesThis packages are displayed based on time e.g between periods like 6AM to 10 A.M
OFFERThis defines effectively the offer plan e.g double or tripple attributes like speed and time for particular purchase
descriptionA short description of the plan
deactivate planDeactivate plan and prevent it from being subscribed to.Plan will not be visible to customer
is free planThis is to group all customers that are offered free internet.e.g staff.
is trial planPlan for hotspot trial customers-please make sure you specify the User subscribers role default redirect by going to edit -(Edit subscribers role).
internet income accountTrack individual internet plan accounts.
bandwidth spike promotionWhen this is set,The customer plans are spike daily between specified time of the day.Ensure in company details bandwidth spike is enabled.
This is a vivid example of how to fill in the plan details of a client

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