Understanding Network Analytics

This is the default analytics on your network subscription.

FromStart date.
ToThe date you want to get the report . The end date.
StationThe base station the customers are getting their internet from.
UsersThe number of customers joining.
New WiFi UsersNew customers.
Fixed UsersThe number of fixed customers.
WIFI TransactionsThe number of WIFI internet subscriptions.
Amount of WiFi transactionsThe total amount of WIFI transactions.
Fixed transaction countThe number of fixed transactions.
Fixed transactionsThe number of subscriptions from fixed customers
Total transactionsThe total subscriptions.
Total amountThe total amount of subscription.
InvoicesThe expected income.
Open invoicesUnpaid invoices.
Total invoicedTotal invoices generated.

Report for plan purchases. #

It is a report of how many customers have subscribed to a plan and what is the worth of the subscription.

Report for Hotspot purchases/Admin Generated #

It is a report showing how many vouchers were generated and how many were purchased.

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