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Most internet installers and providers use to test a customers internet connection speed. However,this is incorrect as most internet customers are on a shared connection.

The best and correct way of testing speed is using an iperf tool

Iperf is a free tool used to test network bandwidth between 2 nodes at a time.

Iperf can test maximum channel data transfer rate.Read More on how Iperf works on

Install Iperf on windows [IPERF]

Visit and download a binary for your device.Netpap bandwidth server uses iperf 2

Use iperf on windows as a client

cd Downloads/z -c host-server -ip-running-iperf

If you get the error iperf3: error – Unable to connect to server:Connection refused.

Please ensure the server is running and that server & client are running same version of iperf.

Install iperf on centos 7

sudo yum install -y iperf

Install iperf on Ubuntu

apt-get install -y iperf

Create an iperf server

iperf -s &

Create an Iperf client on centos 7

iperf -c hostmachine

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